Baseynat (Басейнът)

Titre : Baseynat (Басейнът)

Tous droits réservés

Réalisation : Binka Zhelyazkova/Jeliaskova

Scénariso : Hristo Ganev

Année : 1977

Durée : 136′ (2h 16′)

Pays : Bulgarie 🇧🇬

Langue : bulgare

Genre : fiction

Couleur/Noir et blanc : couleur

Distribution/casting : Kosta Tsonev, Yanina Kasheva, Tzvetana Maneva, Petar Slabakov, Kliment Denchev

Synopsis : Une jeune fille vit un étrange triangle amoureux et se débat entre l’identification a une mère vedette de la télévision et un père mort en héros à la guerre. En filigrane apparaît surtout la remise en question du “bonheur socialiste”.

Bella – a sensitive spoiled girl – faced her first disappointment on the prom. On the morning after the prom, she is on the tower pool “Spartak”, where she meets a man of middle age, parted for a long time with all his illusions. He is trying gently, not patronizing, to open her eyes to the harsh truth of life. The film is not an intimate story; rather it is a polemical dramatic story of the person and the times in which he lives, about the person and the ideas, beliefs, ideals, illusions and betrayals.

Mots-clé : jeune génération, socialisme, doutes, relation amoureuse, désillusions

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Garbolevsky, Evgenija : The Conformists: Creativity and Decadence in the Bulgarian Cinema 1945-89. Cambridge : Scholars Publishing, 2011 [The complexities and paradoxes of the Bulgarian film industry during the era of Communist rule (1945–1989) are explored in The Conformists: Creativity and Decadence in the Bulgarian Cinema 1945–89. This influential industry was mobilized for the needs of the state. During its creation and development, cultural institutions and those involved in film production operated within a relatively closed system, based on rewards and punishments imposed by the Communist bureaucratic apparatus. Sub-textual content in films produced in Bulgaria during this period highlights the attitude of the elite towards the regime. Understanding this multifaceted relationship helps explain why so many intellectuals found the film industry to be an attractive field in which to work, and decided to remain loyal to the regime instead of leaving or openly rebelling against it.]

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